Have you lost your motivation?

Some days it's hard to find motivation!

How are you all coping?

I have to admit I have found the last month particularly tough. I’m a sociable person and love seeing my clients face to face, enjoying the banter and social interaction. I’ve struggled with motivation, self doubt and wondering if I will ever be able to (or want to) work full time again. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like this! So today I went for a dog walk on my own, in the rain, the best valentines treat I could have asked for!! I realised it was the first time in ages I had not been surrounded by children and it felt so good. Having space and time on your own to think can really put everything into perspective, I’ve come home feeling refreshed and composed, for now anyway.

Are you struggling with your motivation?

If so I thought you might need a virtual nudge in the right direction. It’s half term so my classes have stopped for a week, but I thought it would be a nice idea to run my Tuesday and Thursday bootcamp for free at 7am. Everyone is welcome to join in, friends, partners, kids, spread the word and spread the love, let’s try and get our motivational mojo back together! Get in touch for the zoom link.

If you still can’t find your motivation how about some comfort food?

Recipe of the week – Vegan lentil lasagne

Comfort food Lentil lasagne.

I don’t know about you, but this week I craved comfort food, so I made this lovely vegan lentil lasagne, recipe from BBC Good Food. What I love most about this recipe, is that the ‘cheese’ sauce is made with puréed cauliflower. A little tip if you are making it, add nutritional yeast to the ‘cheese’ sauce. I normally don’t like to spend more than an hour making dinner, but if you’ve got the time this is well worth it.

BBC Good Food Lentil Lasagne Recipe

Would you welcome a holistic approach to your health?

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