The Benefits of Sports Massage

How can sports massage help women

Massage helps rejuvenate and relax tired and painful muscles, focusing on releasing muscle tension, lengthening short muscles, rehabilitating muscles back to a comfortable state, and improving posture and alignment.

It promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance and helps prevent and recover from soft tissue injuries. Sports massage can reduce pain, discomfort and you will get the knowledge and exercises to help you continue to look after your body. I use a variety of techniques including soft tissue release, muscle energy technique and trigger point therapy.

Relieves Aches, Pains and Stress

Research has shown that massage has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. A massage does not just relax your body, muscles and connective tissue, but it also relaxes your mind.

Improve Posture

Sport and Remedial massage techniques help to improve posture. You will be given rehabilitation exercises to compliment your treatments and strengthen weak areas.

Postnatal Recovery

The whole process of childbirth is a huge strain on the body, particularly your abdomen, lower back and hips. Your upper back might also be sore if you are breastfeeding and not using a suitable position. Massage helps to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, helps with posture and aids relaxation.

Injury Prevention

Regular treatment can ease off tense and over/underused muscles to avoid the risk of injury.

Improve Range of Movement

By breaking down adhesion’s, scar tissue and working on posture and movement, massage can improve range of movement, which will have a great benefit on every day life.

Aids Recovery

Massage helps speed up recovery of muscles by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen and draining muscle waste improving circulation.

Pre/Post Surgery

The improved blood flow, improved lymph drainage, and relaxed muscles help prepare the body for the trauma of surgery and some believe that post-surgical pain is lessened by massage.

Reduce Scarring

We all have scars, either externally or internally, and massage can help with both. Not to say massage can make either disappear but it can help make the scar less painful, and can help with any physical imbalances caused by the scar.

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Sports Massage helps rejuvenate and relax tired and painful muscles. I also provide taping, fascia work, and scar tissue work. Book a treatment today and see how I can help you

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