How new mums can experience relief and relaxation with a postnatal massage

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Charlotte Lune, Women's Massage Therapist and Restorative Fitness Coach

Becoming a new mother is one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences a woman can have, but it can also be one of the most challenging. After giving birth, the body goes through a lot of changes, both physically and emotionally, and it can take time to recover. One way to speed up the recovery process and promote overall wellbeing is through having a postnatal massage.

Postnatal massage is specifically designed for women who have recently given birth

The massage can help to alleviate the aches and pains that are common after childbirth, as well as promote relaxation and improve overall wellbeing for the mother.

During a postnatal massage, I will use gentle techniques to massage your abdomen, back, and legs.

The benefits of postnatal massage include:

Reducing muscle tension and pain

After carrying a baby for nine months and going through labour, it’s no surprise that a new mother’s body would be sore. Postnatal massage can help to relieve muscle tension and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Improving circulation

Postnatal massage can help to increase blood flow to the uterus and placenta, which can aid in the healing process and reduce swelling.

Reducing stress and promoting relaxation

Being a new mother can be overwhelming, and postnatal massage can help to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It can also help to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

Improving sleep

Postnatal massage can help to improve sleep, which is vital for new mothers who are often sleep-deprived.

Helping the mother to bond with her baby

Postnatal massage can also be a bonding experience for mother and baby, as the massage can be performed while the baby is in the room, allowing the mother to relax and focus on her baby.

Any postnatal massage should not be performed until you have had your 6-week check with your doctor, and to make sure you do use someone who has been trained specifically in postnatal massage.

What happens at a postnatal massage appointment

In the first treatment we will spend some time discovering what your specific needs and aims you would like from the treatment. I will then create a treatment plan that will address your individual issues. By combining my expertise in movement, exercise and massage, we will create an entirely bespoke treatment, along with a home care prescription to help you make the most of your massage.

You can purchase individual treatments, or packages, which qualify you for a discount on the individual treatment price. If you have never had a treatment with me before, you will require an initial appointment (this is the same price as a one-off massage) but do contact me first if you unsure and I can cover your specific needs or have any questions.

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