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Massage treatment by Made to Motivate, Charlotte Lune - Massage Therapist and Fitness Coach.
Now offering packages!

Monthly Massage, Therapy and Exercise Packages

As part of my ongoing commitment to help women of all ages with massage therapy, remedial exercise and therapeutic coaching I am now offering monthy packages to support you on your journey.


Help rejuvenate and relax tired and painful muscles. I specialise in pregnancy and postnatal massage, kinesiology taping and scar release.

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Current Classes and Courses

If you are looking to restore your fitness levels after the birth of your baby, have had a prolapse or need help to build your core, I have a range of restorative fitness sessions and classes. 

Current Massage Appointments Available

I offer a range of massage and remedial therapy appointments to help you on the road to recovery. I offer individual appointments or packages combining therapeutic coaching, exercise and support.

I run my Holistic Core Restore®  sessions on a one-to-one basis so get in touch to find out what's suitable for you or to book a free consultation.

This course helped me improve my core strength and pelvic floor connection. What I wasn't expecting was to improve my diet but after listening to all the information and advice I have made changes and this has stopped the bloating I was experiencing. I also had a split in my abs after pregnancy and when Charlotte checked them again at the last session they had come together so this was a great result.

I had a significant diastasis after the birth of my third child, mild stress incontinence and lower back pain from lifting my baby. Since completing the Holistic Core Restore © (HCR) programme my diastasis has almost closed up and I have no incontinence or back pain. Charlotte was extremely motivating and I felt well supported.

She understood my needs as she has a baby the same age. I found the homework videos easy to follow and short enough to realistically fit in to my busy day.

My goal from the HCR was to get back to running fitness. I have achieved this with Charlotte's help and feel so much better for it. I have also lost weight and feel toned and fit.

My core muscles feel tighter and my stomach muscle gap has definitely reduced. My general well-being and health has definitely improved through the added chats about nutrition amongst other things. I feel much more motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I enjoyed the personal touch shown by Charlotte through the WhatsApp group (as well as in class). She kept me motivated with the nutrition and the daily exercise homework.

I enjoyed the holistic approach. So it was not only about doing the exercises but encompassed a whole body approach – diet, rest, self care – the classes felt like a safe space.

I also enjoyed the exercises that were challenging and a good workout.

I loved the holistic, rounded approach. The energy of the instructor, Charlotte, and the fact that, after nearly a year of devoting all my time and energy to my new baby and the household in general, I had an hour a week to spend on my own health and wellbeing.

The course exceeded my expectations – as many women as possible should do it!

Crossed legged pilates position with eyes closed.

Help & Advice

Latest blogs on advice for women during pregnancy, postnatal and the menopause. I cover nutrition and fitness in my regular posts.

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Looking to ease your pain after childbirth? Need to relieve discomfort in pregnancy? Wondering what exercises are right for your body?

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs, book in for a massage or find out about my current courses and classes.