Therapeutic Coaching

Trained Therapeutic Coach in Fishponds, Bristol

I now offer Therapeutic Coaching as part of my massage and remedial fitness work.

Therapeutic Coaching involves exploring our ‘Somatic Narrative’….’what’s going on in our bodies when we talk about or reflect on problematic or painful events’. This has been shown to be a powerful way to fast-track way to unearth and identify the emotions and feelings usually at the heart of problems.

During your sessions, I will support you in reflecting on your past and also bring your attention to bodily sensations whilst you are being coached.

You can book individual therapeutic coaching sessions or combine it with a package to include massage, exercise, rehab and relaxation sessions to really help your road to recovery.

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I treat women from my clinic in Fishponds, Bristol

You can purchase individual treatments, or package. If you have never had a treatment with me before, please book an initial appointment or contact me for a free consultation.

What are the main benefits of massage.

I had a significant diastasis after the birth of my third child, mild stress incontinence and lower back pain from lifting my baby. 

Charlotte understood my needs as she has a baby the same age. I found the homework easy to follow and short enough to realistically fit in to my busy day.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life?

Do you find yourself longing for a sense of direction and purpose, but constantly held back by your own limiting beliefs?

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs, book in for a massage or find out about my current courses and classes.