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Breaking Free: Understanding the Sticking Points for Mid-life Women

Life’s journey can sometimes lead us to unexpected crossroads, where the path forward seems unclear, and progress feels elusive For many mid-life women, these moments of uncertainty can become overwhelming, leaving them feeling stuck and longing for a renewed sense of direction. If you find yourself in this position, know that you are not alone […]
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Unleash Your Inner Strength: A Journey of Renewal and Empowerment for Mid-life Women

Life has a way of presenting us with countless demands, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, adrift, and searching for a renewed sense of purpose For many mid-life women, these challenges can become daunting obstacles, often resulting in a neglect of their own well-being and a loss of direction. If you find yourself at this crossroads, longing […]
Inside my treatment room

My Massage Treatment Room in Fishponds, Bristol

I have a warm and cozy treatment room at my home in Fishponds Bristol.
therapeutic coaching
Women's Wellbeing

What is Therapeutic Coaching and how can it help me recover?

How Therapeutic Coaching is different Most people are familiar with the role of a ‘Traditional Coach’ as being someone who will provide support, guidance, counsel and structure in your journey to achieving a goal. A great Coach will help you to organise your thoughts, help you see potential and pitfalls that hadn’t been considered before […]
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When is it safe to exercise after the birth of my baby?

The importance of breathing in post-natal exercise and how to exercise safely after your 6-week post-natal check.
Outdoor fitness classes in Bristol.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Outdoor fitness classes running in St Andrew's Park and Eastville Park in Bristol. A new fat loss class that is pelvic floor friendly for post-natal fitness.
Certified oncology restore scar specialist
Women's Wellbeing

I am now a newly certified Oncology Restore Scar Specialist

Last week I was privileged to spend three days learning with a fabulous bunch of inspirational women and I’m now a newly certified Oncology Restore Scar Specialist. 
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Women's Wellbeing

Every Woman. Every Stage.

As a remedial massage therapist and women’s wellness restorative fitness coach, I take a holistic approach to restoring women to optimum health. This is applicable at every stage of life but particularly those who are pregnant or have had children.
Massage treatment by Made to Motivate, Charlotte Lune - Massage Therapist and Fitness Coach.

How new mums can experience relief and relaxation with a postnatal massage

Postnatal massage can help to relieve muscle tension and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders.
What are the main benefits of massage.
Women's Wellbeing

Do you know all the surprising health benefits of getting a massage?

Unwind and rejuvenate at a massage appointment Massage helps rejuvenate and relax tired and painful muscles, focusing on releasing muscle tension, lengthening short muscles, rehabilitating muscles back to a comfortable state, and improving posture and alignment. It promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance and helps prevent and recover from soft tissue injuries. Massage can reduce […]
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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life?

Do you find yourself longing for a sense of direction and purpose, but constantly held back by your own limiting beliefs?

Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your needs, book in for a massage or find out about my current courses and classes.