Women’s Wellbeing: Help & Advice

Advice and support on Women’s Wellbeing from Charlotte Lune, Women’s remedial massage therapist and restorative fitness coach. If you need more personalised support and help with getting your body back from child birth or are postnatal and need restorative fitness advice, do get in touch.

Certified oncology restore scar specialist
Women's Wellbeing

I am now a newly certified Oncology Restore Scar Specialist

Last week I was privileged to spend three days learning with a fabulous bunch of inspirational women and I’m now a newly certified Oncology Restore Scar Specialist. 
Charlotte smiling outside with Bertie.
Women's Wellbeing

Every Woman. Every Stage.

As a remedial massage therapist and women’s wellness restorative fitness coach, I take a holistic approach to restoring women to optimum health. This is applicable at every stage of life but particularly those who are pregnant or have had children.
What are the main benefits of massage.
Women's Wellbeing

Do you know all the surprising health benefits of getting a massage?

Unwind and rejuvenate at a massage appointment Massage helps rejuvenate and relax tired and painful muscles, focusing on releasing muscle tension, lengthening short muscles, rehabilitating muscles back to a comfortable state, and improving posture and alignment. It promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance and helps prevent and recover from soft tissue injuries. Massage can reduce …

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Five ways to deal with overwhelm
Women's Wellbeing

Five ways to combat overwhelm and put yourself first

I think everyone will agree that the last few months have been tough. All those good intentions of not over working and not doing so many clubs have all gone out the window and looking after ourselves is a distant memory.
Comfort food Lentil lasagne.
Women's Wellbeing

Have you lost your motivation?

Having space and time on your own to think can really put everything into perspective, and help you gain your motivation back.
Women and kids at a buggyfit session.

Pregnancy | Postnatal | Menopause
Every woman, Every stage

Looking to ease your pain after childbirth? Need to relieve discomfort in pregnancy? Wondering what exercises are right for your body?

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