What is Therapeutic Coaching and how can it help me recover?

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Charlotte Lune, Women's Massage Therapist and Restorative Fitness Coach

How Therapeutic Coaching is different

Most people are familiar with the role of a ‘Traditional Coach’ as being someone who will provide support, guidance, counsel and structure in your journey to achieving a goal. A great Coach will help you to organise your thoughts, help you see potential and pitfalls that hadn’t been considered before and in most cases, unearth a persons innate problem-solving potential. The emphasis, in ‘traditional coaching’ is usually and primarily on the present (where you are now) and the future (where do you want to be) and of course, how you’ll get there. The Coach may use a ‘model’ or ‘framework’ to help you work through the stages of achieving your goal.

Therapeutic Coaching’ is different because although the aim is still to bring a coach to a greater level of awareness, understanding and gain more clarity regarding problematic situations. It is underpinned by the principle that many of the ‘problems’ that people face in the present moment, have their origins in the past, and that in many cases, taking time to gently explore long held beliefs and historical events, greatly improves our understanding of where we find ourselves at the present time.

How can you explore your Somatic Narrative with Therapeutic Coaching

‘Therapeutic Coaching’ also involves exploring our ‘Somatic Narrative’….’what’s going on in our bodies when we talk about or reflect on problematic or painful events’. This too is a large departure from ‘traditional coaching’ but has been shown to be a powerful way to fast-track those being coached to unearth and identify the authentic emotions and feelings usually at the heart of their problems. Simply put, ‘Therapeutic Coaching’ is a gentle, supportive but DEEP DIVE in the root cause of perceived problems to truly understand their origin in order to better create long-lasting solutions.

During your sessions, I will support you in reflecting on your past and also bring your attention to bodily sensations whilst you are being Coached. If you are interested in booking a session or would like to combine a session with a massage please get in touch.

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